[x-y-z][x-y-z] status: Unfinished/teaser view.

Links to related campaign sites, projects & efforts are coming soon; for now this is just a taste of what's next...

2 possible associations: Decent (as in values), and/or Decentralization

This page / web site is a simple list/teaser page with basic information, bit by bit linking to their own, separate web presence when ready.

Generally speaking, the purpose of this page is to draw your attention to various topics, challenges and problems that need your attention THIS decade, as in "right NOW". The common factor here is "social responsibility", and related tools and platforms that are needed in order to actually be able to contribute and make a difference.

Each item in this list will eventually be given their own page with information + external resource link(s).

Join us:

"Z" for "Zeitgeist" and the 21st "ZENtury" :-)

Several of the related projects are using "z" and/or "21" as part of their project / (sub-)domain names, where the z depends on the context and indicate one or more of "zeitgeist" (German term: "the spirit of our time"), "zentury" and/or "zest"/"zeal", and 21 points to the current "ZENtury" ("ziglo" is a fun Spanish twist too).

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